Bath Fest: Where Art Meets History!


      Bath Fest 2018 will commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of that colorful rogue, Blackbeard the Pirate with a living history event on May 19, 2018

Pirates will once again take to the streets of Bath causing mayhem and general mischief as Bath Fest 2018 commemorates the Blackbeard 300th. Through living history we will step back in time 300 years to recreate the time the notorious villain, Blackbeard, and his crew of scalawags called Bath home. Art will still meet history as arts and craft vendors sell their original works along the streets of Historic Bath at Bonner’s Point. Bath Fest events from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm hold much history and promise great fun.

 Many thanks to the volunteers, vendors, and visitors who make BathFest a great success every year!  For photos and additional information, visit

              Bath Historic Site’s Facebook Page

 Bath Fest’s Facebook Page 

from leigh 12 march 18 kids rope

Play with history!!


About Town of Bath

Bath Fest is a Town of Bath event which focuses on the Arts. Family, friends, art lovers, and history enthusiasts are invited to explore heritage through the Arts while experiencing Bath’s unique small town charm. Performances and participants feature a mix of all Art forms with a particular emphasis placed on Heritage Crafts and local talent.
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