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Bath Fest  email:

Historic Bath State Historic Site
phone: (252) 923-3971

For information on the day of BathFest, please call
(252) 923-3971

For information on places to stay in the Bath, Washington area please go to   Places to Stay tab.

9 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Marcia Isley says:

    Can you give me the fiscal address of the event? I’m wanting to be a vendor?

    • Town of Bath says:

      The address for the Bonner House is 200 Front St, Bath, NC. This is the general area of Bonner’s Point where S. Main St meets Front St. Vendors will be set up along both S. Main and Front St with living history interpreters in the grassy Bonner’s Point area. This area is well known for the scenery as Bath Creek and Back Creek come together and the Pamlico River can be seen in the distance.

  2. Julie Smith says:

    Can someone please email me confirmation that my vendor application was received and if I have been selected. I have another opportunity that same weekend and I don’t want to double book myself but I also don’t want to miss an opportunity. Thanks so much.

  3. Marcia Isley says:

    Can someone please contact me and let me know that my application was received? If so was I accepted. Thanks trying to plan ahead.

  4. Judi Miller says:

    What if it rains? Postponed or cancelled? Thank you!

    • Town of Bath says:

      This is rain or shine event. The weather forecast is for intermittent rain and scattered thunderstorms. Today in Bath it has rained but it was a misty rain and very short in duration. At this time there is some blue sky but it is cloudy. The nature of the weather this close of large bodies of water is it may rain 20 miles from you but not rain at your location. Please bring an umbrella.

      • Bill Furney says:

        What if it is canceled because of Covid 19?

      • Town of Bath says:

        The statements I am getting regarding modifying group activities all have the term of, “for eight weeks”. Bath Fest would be on Saturday, May 16th, which is the ninth week. Our event is also an outdoors venue. At this time there are no plans to modify any of our plans. Bath Fest is a Town of Bath event.

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