Music From Our Shores Performers

Beaufort County Traditional Music Association

The Beaufort County Traditional Music Association was founded in 2008 when local musicians gathered near the Washington waterfront to share their musical talent.  Today they partner with Arts of the Pamlico and are based in the Turnage Theater at 150 W. Main St. in Washington. They have a monthly variety show and Thursday evening and Saturday morning jams where musicians of all levels are invited.

The Traditional Music Association also holds a BOCO Traditional Music Festival as you will see in this video.


Dana Lewis

Bath Fest 2019 is bringing back Dana Lewis with her renditions of 1950’s popular music.<The following video was filmed at the Tar Heel Variety Theater.



Dave Raducah

Take a trip down memory lane or make new memories with the smooth sound of Dave Raducah and his 12 string as he sings classic favorites from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.


Lightnin Wells

Lightnin Wells brings new life into the vintage blues tunes of the 1920’s and the depression era playing a variety of instruments from the guitar, to the harmonica to the ukulele. His musical style is personal and energetic but he remains true to the original root form of the blues veterans. As you can see in the following videos, Lightnin is dedicated to the blues revival.



Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen     Scearce and Friends

Think of Jimmy Buffett meeting Tom Petty and the Allman Brothers and you will have the pirate rock of Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen.  This popular group from the Crystal Coast will perform songs by your favorite artists as well as their original songs.